His artistic message: "Bring art that roots in the fullness of life, which draws its inspiration from reality and wishes to spend more than a free and charming practice of form and color, more than a pictorial emotion."


"A true artist can convey a message. Who speaks wants to be understood. And who speaks must have something to say. Virtuosity should not be camouflage for a lack of content. To me an artist is but as big as his work."


Raymond Crabbe's (his son) passion is both common and uncommon. That one remains in admiration for his father, who was a painter, seems quite logical. But when fortune allows you to grow up with a remarkable body of work like that of his famous father, it's only natural that you will remain forever marked by such an experience. Besides of being the guardian of almost the whole production of Mil Crabbé, Raymond is also the custodian of the mind of the painter. Mil Crabbé was born in 1923 and knew, during his lifetime, a success far beyond the frontiers of Belgium. As a student and professor at the Tienen Drawing Academy, he stands out as one of the major painters of his time.


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