14-12-1923 Birth of Mil Crabbé in Tienen.
1936 - 1946 Student at the Art Academy in Tienen.
1942 - 1945 Student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leuven, especially with Willem Paerels.
1946 Great Silver Medal of the Belgian Government.
1946 - 1989 Teacher at the Art Academy in Tienen.
1963 Cloth "Terugtocht" purchased by the City of Tienen.
02-10-1965 Opening of its new and spacious studio "De Eenhoorn", the famous poet Julia Tulkens is the godmother.
11-03-1966 First individual exhibition in the "Belgian house" in Cologne.
23-04-1966 Received Gold Ereplaket of the City of Tienen.
05-11-1966 Exhibition at the Provincial Park to Opheylissem.
09-11-1966 The great French artist René Huyghe, chief curator of the department of paintings at the Louvre, visiting the exhibition in Opheylissem.
24-02-1967 Exhibition in the "Waltra Theatre" in Brussels.
30-09-1967 Exhibition at the "Jan Van Eyck Studio" in Ghent.
15-11-1967 Exhibition at the Cultural Center "Caryatide" in Brussels.
07-06-1968 Exhibition at the "Niederösterreichische Handelskammer" in Vienna, where his paintings "Dageraad in Brabant" and "Winter Landschap" are bought respectively for the "Landesmuseum of Lower" and "Schloss Kastell Kornbrunn".
12-07-1968 Exhibition in "House Ernest Claes" in Zichem.
05-09-1968 Exhibition in the hall of the Brabant Art Crafts in Brussels.
1969  Monograph "L'art en Recherche / Le Peintre Mil Crabbé" by renowned esthetician Arsène Soreil.
11-11-1969 Exhibition in the halls of the "Galerie des Artistes Contemporains" (Résidence Empain) in Brussels.
1970 Monograph "De milde wereld van Mil Crabbé" by art critic Staf Vangelder.
02/03 1970 Exhibition at the "Institut Français" in Frankfurt am Main.
23-04-1970 Major exhibition at the prestigious "Academia Belgica" Rome.
06-05-1970 Exhibition in art gallery "Arca" in Rome.
08-03-1971 Tentoonstelling in de "Union International Club" te Frankfurt am Main.
05-05-1972 Exhibition in the banquet hall of the Royal Atheneum in Tienen.
14-05-1975 Exhibition at the Bank of Paris and the Netherlands in Tienen.
07 1985 Exhibition at the "Salons Mykene" in Leuven
06 1986 Edition generously illustrated art book "Crabbe Mil / Vergeestelijkte Werkelijkheid" with texts by Julia Tulkens, Pieter G.Buckinckx, Arsène Soreil Piet Sterckx and Gustavus win and a tribute A. Buck, cultural attache at the Embassy of Belgium in the German Federal Republic.
13-06-1986 Retrospective exhibition in the hall of the Royal Atheneum in Tienen on the occasion of his Golden Jubilee as a student and teacher at the Tienen Drawing Academy.
24-06-1986 His large oil paintings "Julia Tulkens" and "Picnic" purchased for Tienen art patrimony and given a place of honor in the hall Tienen.
14-12-1993 Plaque on his 70th birthday, compiled by Gustav Winning.
16-03-1995 Retrospective "Mil Crabbé 70 years" in the town banquet in Tienen, with custom poetry, music and dance and projection of a video production about the artist and his work. Publication of an art map in favor of the restoration of the 16th-century St. Martin's image, a showpiece in Tienen city museum.
29-06-2004 Decease Mil Crabbé


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